This is a case of unnecessary worry for the public. And I am not suggesting that people don't go missing, they do, or that you will not see genuine cases in the news, or suggesting that gardaĆ­ are all bad. I found them fine, and fair, in dealings we had, they were alright with me. But they do play games on the masses. Every country is the same.

Police, media, and government, work together, on the people. They grab your emotion with a story, and you run with it, without looking closely, at evidence, presented. Look at the image provided. Look at the earrings. Look at the hair.

A fake image is used to sell a fake missing person. The earrings that you see, were added to the image. The earring to the right looks like it is floating, it does not penetrate that ear. The ear to the left, looks like it was taken from a different head. The hair look real at the top but painted on at the sides. What kind of photo is that. It's photofit. It's a made up image, in this era of selfies.

It's a fake, botched, vague, weird, image, for a photo. What is going on left and right of the head. What is blurred out. Why not just exclude the left and right and only show the head of the missing person. The blurring in this image, is more hypnosis for the mind. When they show you a blurred image, they are telling you something. They are blurring reality, and creating illusion.

The name, Mary Ryan, there's a lot of Mary Ryans in Ireland, maybe even a Mary Ryan, reading this. Why wouldn't you say where the Mary Ryan is from. You only say what area, in Waterford, the supposed person, was supposedly, last seen. Who knows this Mary Ryan? Nobody. No one has ever seen or heard of this person because it's a made up character, that looks more like a man, than a woman.

You described the hair in the photo, as blonde, that's a weird shade of blonde, it looks grey. How are we to have confidence in a search. Or maybe someone was just being kind.

You say the supposed person, was last seen, with hair, died black, I don't want to tell you how to do your job, but has it occurred to you, that a person who so regularly, and dramatically, changes hair colour, could now be brunette, or maybe a redhead. Is this the best photo you've got. Forensics should take a look at it.