Truth is there for everyone to see. If I call it it out, don't be mad at me. Don't read it. Look away. If you can.

Anyway, Boney M, the M stands for men. Great music, fake group. They are all men. The ones you might have thought were female, are men. Drag men. And none of them could sing. These people are performers. They are not singers. They never sang on any Boney M record.

Every performance, all the big ones, with millions of youtube hits. Lip syncing to stadiums of people. Sometimes enhancing the experience with an orchestra. Fooling fans. Millions don't see it. It's a drag man show. They are all men, and no one noticed. Maybe some people in the orchestra got it.

There are no successful females in music. Not at that level of fame. They will be men. It's deceptive. It's war on females. Transgenderism agenda is an attack on real women, on mothers, and mothering, on nature at it's most fundamental.

They want to make it normal. They want to teach children that they might not be a boy or a girl. They have already influenced a lot of the younger generation. Ask them what they think. See how many say a person as a right to be whatever they want, and they should be supported.  They will understanding when their own children have been brainwashed. That's how they do it. See how things look in 20 years time.

In a generation they will have brainwashed a lot more people.  These are gay men influencing your children, telling them how to look and how to think. Millions of real women copy these gay men. That is how they do it. And they want it taught to children, in school.

I read France reduced the age of consent to 15, and others were calling for 13, and I read of a case in the french courts around that time, saying a man, about 30, as I recall, being in court for having sex with an 11 year old, and he got off.

I don't recall the exact reason why he got off, it is not important. I do not even believe the case was real, it's fake, but that is how they do the news. That is how they plants seeds. The grow a conversation. Put ideas in the public mind, and get their stars, so called, to mold opinion, and introduce satanic laws, as all man-made law is, for their horrible agenda. It is real women, real females who are being attacked. This is a big part of the population control agenda.

What star did you love? Was it Kelly from the original Charlies Angels, or whitney Houstan? Cher, Tina Turner.Madonna, Rhianna, Beyonce, Blondie, Kiki Dee, J Lo, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift? Victoria Beckham? Let me know. Who is your favourite. I can see. It's no bother to me.