FAKE TRUMP IN EL PASOA fake Donald Trump appeared, for a fake rally, in El Paso, Texas, on Feb 12, 2019, supposedly. It's not real. Look at the hands. The person is wearing gloves. There are no fine wrinkles, no life-line, no love-line, on the palm of the hand.FAKE TRUMP IN EL PASO

No lines, because they are gloves. Those things would keep your hands dry, washing dishes. It is a character, a bad comedian, tricking the masses.

Look at the hands.  She stands in front of a green screen, and delivers the lines, learned, or read directly, from a script. They showed you already, in sketch, on TV, how they do it.

This is too fake, you have to be asleep, to not see it. A masked, gloved, character, plays Donald Trump. They are having a laugh. They are laughing at the people. The people are being mocked.

FAKE TRUMP IN EL PASOIt's time for the people to see, and to understand, how things are. It's a rigged reality. Politicians are to control the masses, elections are fixed. They give the people a character for the drama. If you voted Trump, or ever spoke up for him, don't worry about it, they are all disingenuous, all the same.

Green screens are standard practice, for all big media, selling their made up news. Trump is just a character for the world stage. If you want a hero, or a villain, one will be provided. It's a show, to divide the people. To take your money, and to keep you down, and to keep you distracted. To keep you unthinking.