Who is this Katherine Zappone, this person from America in charge of Irish children's affairs?

Can anyone find a photo that does not look like a man in drag? Every photo I see of this person looks like a man with lipstick on.

They look like man ears too, women's ears tend be smaller and daintier. It's not an ugly woman, not a lesbian, it's a man, and a deceiver on the people of Ireland, loved by RTE of course.

In a way, I feel it is important that women, especially, see what is going on with instances like this, and there are so many. And lots of people are waking up on these characters now, so their days are numbered, but just look at who is representing you, look at the person, not even a woman, a deceiver, lauded as a champion for women and women's rights and now children, by the corrupt media of course, but still, it is taking the piss and this person has power over a lot of children. It's outrageous.

It's men pretending to be women, and people should think very carefully about such a person's message, because it will not be good coming from a deceiver, and it will not be motherly.

That is not a woman. You are deceiving the people of Ireland. He's a menace to the children of Ireland. You should be deported.