For the good people of Ireland.

Government, politicians, is how you are ruled, and you voted for this system, or you sat back, did nothing about it, and voted for it, by default, by doing nothing. The cynic is the rulers friend. And you can say, that these people are just puppets, and what is the point, but you are over-thinking it, and it carries on.

Knock down what you see before you. Have no tolerance of these people. Look at the calibre of person, look at who takes back all the money you earned, look at the snake who will do everything they can think of, to bullshit you, until you get so frustrated, that you give up on it. That is what they wanted. That is what they banked on you doing.

They know how the human mind thinks. They know how to control the masses. Hoodwink the masses, knock them off kilter, and divide them, every way imaginable. Take back the money, they earned, and laugh at them. That is what is going on. This is what politicians are for. They are worthless, do not believe in them.

Some people have a favourite politician, I think if you knew the game, you would not favour any of them. They are a bag of rotten apples. You will not find a good apple in the bag. I am not telling them anything they don't already know. This is not news to any politician in Ireland, Joan Burton, is a man. It is not an ugly woman, even though that is how he probably would like to be considered. And there are of course, more.

Look at that face, you cannot mistake it, it' a man in a wig. Always hiding the size of his hands, keeping them together, as much as possible. Keep them out of sight, as much as possible, is a better idea. Listen to him talk, high pitched, unnatural voice. How does he do it. It must be a strain. I wonder if he could sing like Barry White.

These are the persons in charge of your children's education, your welfare, how much money you will have, for you and your family. You think they are budgeting on behalf of the nation, that is not what they do. They are in place to take your money and control you, with man made laws. They laugh at the people. They do not give a shit about the people. It's a game, and people join in with the dramas that these politicians provide. It's a show. Not a good one. I want a refund.