This will be a long day for you. I beat the IRA. I kicked their ass in Derry. I showed the people of Ireland what they are like - a bunch of deceivers with no intention of freeing Ireland, on the contrary, they are for dividing and enslaving Ireland, and they are made up of everyone from newspeople to the parish priest, to the girl next door. You know this.

I saw Joseph in St. Mary's, I hope I put the fear of god in your priest Gormley, I hope he is sick with worry. You know all about the Lyra Mckee Hoax. You can be worried too. I know what a deceiver you are. The ruthless ones make it to the top, I already know I have to worry about you.

I see what you do in St. Brigid's school. You are a demon. The people of Ireland need to wake up on you. You are a  real danger to children. You are fake opposition to all this. You love it. You are a gay man, it is why you became a priest. You never had an interest in raising a family because. Like so many priests, you are not interested in females, you like males. That is your agenda, that is the agenda of Catholic Church.

The church is a gay oragnisation, it is anti-female. LGBT is anti-female, the gay agenda is anti-female, you are anti-female, and you oversee programming of children in primary school, which encourages little boys to be girls. You make sick. It was no accident that the first school in Ireland to programme small boys to wear dresses, is in your diocese. It's by design, it is a statement. You are laughing at the people.

You lie face down on the floor in a mass, in repentance for child abuses committed by priests, you are a disturbed individual. Why are you lying face down on the ground? You are a grown man. You are a creep, I can see right through you when you speak. I know how disingenuous you are.

You celebrate the idea of killing the almighty. You push the cross and make the people adore it. You make them pray to an image of the almighty being crucified, your fanciful story. You are deceiver of the highest order. Completely untrustworthy. Go away to the pup in Rome with your book and tell him it's end of days. You are finished in Ireland. You are 100% behind the gender bending of children. You proved it with St. Brigid's. Leave.