I'll take your place. Go away with your made up story about trawling the streets with a bat, looking to injure a black man, any black man, revenge for a friend, who was raped, when you were out of town, for a few days. Straight from one of your movies.

Don't take it as real, it's an act on the masses. It's made up. He's an actor. He is promoting his Hollywood movies. He is still acting. If you can't see it, you are asleep.

This Liam Neeson story was created for black history month. People are so caught up in this staged drama, they don't even think. They are like sheep. They take it and run with it. They just accept it, and believe it, and choose a side, which is what it is about, division. It is a story to the divide opinion.

Because it is an emotive issue, as only racism can be, when it is real, of course, people naturally feel, they should choose a side, on the story. But what they don't realize, is that they already bought into the planned drama. And people reacted, exactly, the way they were meant to react.  They felt like society demanded, they show their stance on racism, and they had their say, or they had a say ready in their head, for the conversation.

Actor, Liam Neeson works with CNN, and the controlling media, to pump out his race bait , scripted story, and famous, people, black and white, chip in, to fuel the conversation. They all read from a script, otherwise you would not be hear them. It's a show for the masses.

The media push this this story, to keep the conversation of racism alive, and to keep people thinking about something, that they would not otherwise have thought about, and perhaps never, have considered. We all bleed red. Media, and actors, and directors, like Spike Lee, push racism.