PADDYWAGON NAMED IRISH NEWS SITE OF THE YEAR 2019 has won the award of Irish News Site of the year 2019, and it seems no one can touch the site which is beginning to look like an unstoppable train, rather than a paddywagon, which it technically is.

Speaking by his fireside, Sparky said he was delighted with the award, albeit not surprised. "There is an appetite for my news. People are sick of reading shit in the papers. Front to back page is lies. All lies, endless lies. A mocking of the people that has the support of a substantial number of people throughout society, but they are fucked now. I don't care. Couldn't give a fuck, really."

"I am government enemy number 1 I've got these people on the run. They would be right to be worried. More and more people will see what I see when I show it and they see it. Never mind the bollox here comes the Paddywagon and you are in trouble. I am taking down the Irish government for starters."

"I appreciate receiving this award in June 2019, with the rest of the year still to come. I appreciate your confidence in me. Everything I do is for my fans."

The website has won the award for the third year in a row and makes no secret of it's links to Irish dissident group - UFO.