I am at war with the major deceivers who oppress the people, who mock them and keep them down and enslaved. I call them out and they pretend their feelings are hurt, they use that as a reason not to answer important questions. I know they are worried, they are not that smart, they shout when they are nervous. They are in cahoots with the government, which includes the police and the media. They are all the same people, they run psyops on the masses.

I'm not having it. These people are going to find out the hard way that their days of mocking the masses are over. I will expose the government and show the people how deep it goes. I will tear them to shreds. I will free the people by showing them the truth. I am an Irish terrorist, I will terrorize them with the truth. I am government enemy number one. They never saw anyone like me. They are in trouble.

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Fergal Hughes

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