There are two types of psychiatrists. Amateur ones, and professional ones. The amateur ones tend to like gossiping and love to think they have the inside track on an event or situation or a person. If you are feeling down, there will be a reason for that. There is bad karma or good karma. Things can be good if you are a good person, so if you know it, time will quickly show you how good things are. You will feel strong. No question. Conversely if you did something wrong, the pain may be proportionate to pain you caused to others. Nature's system. And you never can go against nature without injuring yourself and causing grief for yourself.
You need to remember this when you are feeling down, because if you are a good person, and you will know it if you look into your heart, because you can never, and will never, deceive yourself, it cannot be done, you will not do it, if you are genuinely good, you will know. God will know. You know. We will know. And you will be just fine, and face a quick turnaround and stronger.
People feel low and people feel high, or content, but emotionally happy. It is natural to be emotional, and feel different ways. You will be strong and recovered fast naturally. But what do they sell you to make you better? Drugs. Prescription chemicals for your brain and body, decided upon by so called psychiatrists, who think it's not normal to be human, and to be emotional.
They pump drugs into the people to control their mind and body. I love America and the american people, no offence to anyone but I was taken aback by the rows of drugs. Take them and pay at the counter, and elsewhere of course.I had the impression that taking painkillers was prevalent, but apart from that, and every country's mass suppliers to the population, it's nothing to do with the people, everyone will get done in different ways, in different countries, every country's government is rotten. They do not give a fuck.  Drink is definitely the most successful method in Ireland. It's nuanced. And made culture.
We know drink is glorified. It's most often the gateway drug. But the government don't call it a drug. They push it and glorify it and celibate getting drunk. They do not focus on the misery that is inevitable and undeniable.
Don't take any drugs to ease mental pain. which is natural to the thoughtful mind. You are hear to learn and to grow, and to heal, in a natural way. Nothing wrong with that. If you are sad because because of a personal bereavement, that is natural. But you are trained to take drink as a response to a passing, to ease the pain.
A psychiatrist will tell you to take drugs. That's what they do. Drug dealers. I know a woman, who use to say her husband had psychiatric problems, mental problems, because he would not talk to her. It could go on for more than a year at a stretch. through the years. He couldn't stand her. There you go. Simple as that. No drugs required.