We are brothers and sisters the world over, everyone is a brother or sister, if anyone stands in my way, or attacks me for what I do, they can expect trouble. You are with me or against me, it is as simple as that.I will rip up this country and sort it out and no one will stop me. The truth is what sets the world free. It is critical. It's just as simple as that. Everyone must understand what in this world is going on, or mankind is finished. Because we are heading for deep, dark control.

Gay is being normalised and encouraged in children. Everyone knows how impressionable children are, the innocence and honesty, it is what we love in them. They are malleable and vulnerable and the state wants them as early as possible while the father an mother are away, and not with them, as they should naturally be, not labouring all week long, for money and accepting their rule. Eventually, there will be no motherly involvement after childbirth and the breakdown of the family unit, will be complete. That's is the goal for optimum control of the population. It's war against the female for control of every baby, every child, and in time, just about all adults.

Ireland was convinced to have a debate on whether a child can be murdered. That alone is shocking. It's a sick society that finds justification for the most appalling act. All the language around it is sanitised, to make it an accepted thing. People are just stupid to accept such a thing. They are dumbed down.

When it comes to health and safety, children are everyone's responsibility, a lot of people understand that, but less and less as the years go by. We see how the media lie, and paint a picture, and provide narratives for the masses,  thoughtlessly accepted, and regurgitated, as a winning argument when it is just piety. Vacuous words and incomplete, ambiguous, phrases. It seems everyone loves to be a victim, but where are the women with natural sense. They are fewer and fewer as the years go bye.

I think you see how fast this country is changing. In a generation or two, Ireland will be gone, with no hope of a return to how things should be, not this slavery. We are heading for a transgendered society, it is well under way, and people can be angry with themselves instead of sad about it, if they were a part of keeping the population asleep, and not watchful and vigilant, as nature intended parents to be.

I know you see. You should support me. It's now or never. Children are being brainwashed. A lot of teenagers think transendering is an acceptable thing and normal thing. It's a satanic act. What will their children be like? Completely convinced that it is a normal and natural thing. Little boys and girls are being thought that they might be the opposite to what they are, to how they were made. Both sides in this world need to wake up. This is devil teaching. It is a wicked teaching, and it is population control. People call it madness, it is satanic, against nature.

As things are heading, the Irish will be a minority in what was their country. Then, this country will easily be finished off, because we will have lost too much of our heritage, because we were not brave enough, and more to the point, not smart enough to see, what was coming down the track, and to act.

People must wake up on everything, or they will never understand how they are being controlled and groomed, they will be easy prey, and humanity will have no chance.

Leo Varadakar is a snake in Ireland. He was selected, and groomed for the job he has. Stints in Brussells and Washington before he ever came on the scene (thank you), in Ireland, and nobody elected him. He was always going to get that job. He is there because he is gay, which is nurture, not nature, and implemented by a variety of means, from when children are very young, such that people will be convinced they were born gay , so I understand why people feel that way. Hormones could be introduced to a child in milk, which children especially, have always been encouraged to drink. I don't think it is a good idea to drink cows milk, that milk is for calves. And they literally may have been born gay, if there are hormones in the pregnant mother's diet, that could be influence.  I dread to think what they are capable of, I know they are ruthless.

I watched a documentary on how frogs in California, were essentially, turned gay. The males started losing interest in females and began presenting themselves for other males, and, if it can be believed, eventually laying eggs themselves. It was due to so called pesticides used on crops, intended for the masses.

I don't like the term homophobia, and Islamophobia, they are inappropriate. Poor terminology, planted by the establishment and brought into common parlance, by the media, which is just a propaganda machine. I don't care how they have changed the dictionary to redefine words, a phobia suggests an irrational fear of something. Arachnophobia makes sense. Nobody has an irrational fear of gay people or muslims. Those terms are as ridiculous as Irish-phobia. Anti is the word. Anti-Irish, anti Islam, is the terms. Anti gay. I am anti gay, it is anti the gay agenda, but not anti every gay person, which would be anti gays as opposed to anti gay. As always, it depends on how annoying or likable someone is. Anti-semite is the sneakiest of all those terms. It's anti Jew, or anti Jews, or it could be anti-Judaism, which is not difficult to understand because it is the most racist religion.