I won't be stopped. I want everyone in Ireland to read this because it is an important message on how deceptive priests are, and it reveals all you need to know about the Catholic Church, all churches for that matter.

The Lyra McKee Hoax is on a plate for everyone to see. This truth destroys the Catholic Church. This truth can wake people up.

Joseph Gormley says he gave last rites to Lyra McKee, he is a liar. This a deceiver on the people of Creggan, on Derry. He has no compunction about lying.

Would people in Creggan still go to mass and listen to him knowing how disingenuous he is? Would you ask him about the Lyra McKee hoax if you saw him to see what he says? He might be bricking now.

How are you feeling now? Still laughing at the people? I doubt it.

The scary thing is, this is every parish. There is a priest in every parish who will do the needful to deceive, when called upon to act. Believe it, they are liars. They are literally against the almighty, it is their agenda, though some won't see it. Their story is about killing the almighty, and why the crucifix is pushed.

What a deceiver. Wake up on these people, this is a disturbing character and god knows what he is capable of, and what else we have to worry about.

Joseph Gormley is doing devil work, he is mocking people. He is laughing at people who don't know what is going on and how he really is.

He is the devil in disguise, all of them are, black magic is their game. All signs and symbols in the church, same as all the other groups we have to worry about in this world. They are all the same people, they are against the almighty. Their secrecy is creepy, it is telling and it is revealing. How could they be close to the almighty and be so secretive? They have a code of silence. They will not tell on another priest.

Joe Gormley is the Catholic Church. This is what they are all about. Everyone needs to wake up, no matter what age you are, and all the better if you are well into your years, you will know the truth. This is the truth.

Pray to the Almighty directly, no middleman, pray for yourself.