Standing Up For Palestine

I wrote an article recently to bring attention to the media silence on the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike. Of course as soon as the strike ended after 41 days, some of the mainstream media then reported on it. No surprise there. No surprise either to the reaction on Facebook – overwhelming support from people who are not afraid to speak out to the outrageous brutality and cruelty of untouchable Israel. That support is in part due to the fact that the audience was mostly Irish and we are not subjected to a warped national media with an almost entirely pro-Israel bias, like some countries, who don’t need mentioning. But as I said, we have a mostly silent media here on this topic.

Our national broadcaster would not criticise American, Israeli or British foreign policy.  RTE ape every other TV station. They are more concerned with producing shit drama and mindless celebrity nonsense programmes. And like most of the public, they delight in joining the mob to mock Trump but never had a serious word to say about Obama’s warmongering. Safety in numbers.

I know many people are saddened by the treatment of Palestine but don’t know what they can do to effect the situation. To them I say don’t wonder what you can do – you can talk, you can comment, you can share. You can stand up for these people in some small way and raise consciousness. Your words can be powerful and you can look yourself in the eye and know that at least you did not do nothing. And shame on those who profess to be humane and compassionate while rabbiting on about he bible and side-tracking the conversation of these peoples’ suffering to one of hate-filled Islamophobia to justify the crimes of Israel. Did they read the bible and learn nothing?

More shame on those who don’t have the balls to say anything for fear of being accused of antisemitism.  Crawl back under your rock. Integrity is what counts most in life. Stand up for decency. Stand up to bullies. Stand up for Palestine.

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