No planes flew into the twin towers. They were computer generated. We know the story about the impracticality of any amateur getting maybe a couple of hours training, and then flying it? Plain ridiculous. How would you fancy your chances? If you're not a fully trained pilot, you would not have a hope.

It could not have been a plane because a plane would come off worse, by a long way, against a building, of that stature and structure.. There would be parts of the plane on the pavement below and a scattered fire to be put out, and there would be dead bodies. If you think a plane can do that do a building, you are not thinking. It is not possible. You need a rethink.

It was not a real plane, it was CGI. They triggered an explosion. Lots of smoke. A kind of live drama for the masses. The buildings fell exactly like a controlled explosion. To suggest it is anything other than a controlled explosion is crazy, but it is an insight into mass mind control to see how people can be deceived and mislead. And when did a building like that fall because of relatively small fire. It's a joke on the people. Buildings can burn for days without collapsing, nevermind after an hour or two. Mass hypnosis is what it is.

Nobody was in any of the buildings. 3,000 people did not die. That is fiction to pull at the heart. To be riled for revenge. You were played. It happens. Anyone who says they lost a relative or a friend in the twin towers, is a liar. Deceiving you. There are more deceivers involved in this drama, than you might have thought.

The results of this drama, we know. The army steps in. And if someone you knew, and looked up to, was in the army, you might want to walk in their footsteps. They count on it. But never join the army. Not in any country, ever. It's not what you think. Someone owns that army. A person unseen.

The army is the government's weapon against the people. It's somehow acceptable because it is not the people of the country, the army is from. That's how ridiculous it is. People think, it's not us, so that's okay. Madness. No one would attack anyone abroad but for governments. Not that an army was never used internally. Of course. And how.

I know there would be practical concerns, for anyone returning from a war zone but support veterans by waking up to this bullshit and making sure it never happens again, to anyone. No government, no army. Easy. You have the knowledge you have the power.

You have to wake up to the system. Democrats and Republicans are the same thing. It's no choice. It's the illusion of choice. Red and blue are the colors of division. This is why there is a red corner and a blue corner, in boxing, and why police use blue and red. It divides your thinking. Colors are significant. The police force is a tool of the elite, in every country.

And all governments work together. The idea that they operate independently, or ever have a grievance with each other, is wrong. It's what they want you to believe. They are taking the piss. But we let them. No more. Wake up people. It's on!

These people's number's up.