You don't live on a spinning ball, you couldn't, you would not be able to eat dinner or get a night's sleep if that was the case. You couldn't build a house on something spinning at 1000 mph.

Water allows seeks to be level. When it's not turbulent, the water from Cork to New York is level. New York is across the ocean, not, as they say, halfway 'round the world. To the naked eye a ship can appear to disappear but a telescope will bring it back into vision from hundreds of miles away. Were earth a ball, the ship would be miles below curvature and not visible. It's more like a bath than a ball.

If earth was a spinning ball it should be quicker to fly from New York to Shannon than the other way around, but it takes about the same amount of time either way. You go up into the air and straight across the ocean. If earth was a giant ball you would need to keep dipping the plane so you didn't fly off course and out into space.


James Bond stumbles on a moon landing hoax movie in Diamonds Are Forever.

Space is fake. Stars are not so far away and the moon is nothing you can land on, which is why moon landing had to be faked. So called moon landings were filmed in a studio, James Bond knew it.

Stars rotate around the earth. The central star, called the North Star/Polaris, stays fixed, and is directly over the North Pole. If the earth was a spinning ball travelling through space, all the way around the sun once a year, you'd see a dramatically different ranges of stars all the time. We see the same stars. The North Pole is the centre of our universe.

The sun travels above and around the earth in the sky. If the sun is 93 million miles away why is space  dark? The sun and moon are local, and on occasion you can see both in the sky at the same time. Sun and the moon are luminaries in the sky.


Truth in plain sight - The UN Flat Earth Map

The UN emblem is a map of Flat Earth, truth in plain sight. A compass works perfectly with the flat earth map; always pointing to the centre of earth, which is the north pole; and south is the opposite end of the stick, And like east and west, south is a variable, and can constitute the encompassing circle of the earth. The Antarctic is a ring of ice. "Go to edge of the world" they say, "and jump off"...not possible because of the 1959 Antarctic Agreement that restricts access. Another smoking gun.

Globe Earth is a demoralizing teaching devised to alienate and diminish the individual by fantastically overstating the size of the world in which we exist, it estranges the creator in the minds of many. It's designed to make atheists, it's a godless agenda. Don't believe Big Bang Bunkum, nothing so beautiful was created by an explosion.

Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth, it's the Greatest Revelation. It's a knockout punch from left field for every government, the veil is off. Earth is flat and stationary and no one can prove a spinning globe. Arguments so easily believed just a few years ago do not stand up to basic scrutiny today. Academia lie. Snap out of globe hypnosis. You don't live a planet.