Leona O'Neill can cry a river on Facebook and Twitter and The Guardian newspaper, all liars on the masses. I proved the Lyra Mckee hoax easily and emphatically and no one can argue against it, everyone can see it. Do you think getting me banned from Facebook will help your cause? You don't know me, I will redouble my efforts and you will regret your actions against me.

You are traumatised? I'm glad to hear it. You are worried? Good, and more power to the good people of Ulster who see you for what you are - a witch, mocking the people, thinking you are the bees knees and the voice of justice in Ulster. You and creepy Joe and all the hoaxers are finished.

Mark my words - you will go into hiding just like Harry Potter, everyone will know what you are like and see the agenda that you are pushing on young children under the guise of anti-bullying. You are wicked. You are a deceiver and you are in bigger trouble now because it's becoming more apparent to more and more people, just how dishonest you are. Paddywagon was never so popular. You asked for it. I hope you are off your food.

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