When it comes to the welfare of children, it can be too easy to focus on children from poor financial backgrounds, too easy to overlook children who are in affluent areas, because you assume that they are better cared for, just because their parents are wealthy. I think, in ways, children from wealthier backgrounds are more vulnerable, their parents are less likely rock the boat and not make a fuss, more concerned with how they're viewed, they will say nothing, these kids won't be warned. If no mother or father in Greystones speaks out against the gender bending agenda for the children, then I don't know what to say, wake up.

Everyone see what is in store for Ireland's children. This is government policy. The state want control of children as young as possible. The sex thing is deep control. Young minds are malleable, and early sexual feelings will have a huge bearing on a person's life.  They will make as many children gay, as they can. Don't be surprised to hear more children announce that they are gay, or gender fluid, or say they are the opposite sex. This is deep programming, and it is moving fast. They have already got the minds of many children in post primary schools, who would agree with what is happening in this school. Already programmed to think their parents are old fashioned. That's how it's done. Talk to your children.




In St. Brigids primary school, in the affluent and beautiful town of Greystones, Co Wicklow, they are promoting the idea that boys dress as girls and girls dress as boys. This is sick, and it is being glamourised by the media, specifically by the Irish Times, who teamed up with the school to promote the story, to promote their gender bending agenda, the wicked plan for the children of Ireland.

They call it "anti bullying" with special focus on the gay bullying, which they term 'homophobic' - a bullshit term, the proper term is anti gay. No one is afraid of anyone, it's misleading language. Always dishonest and sneaky, it is not an anti bullying programme, it is sexual programming for the children.

These are some devious people in charge of your children's education. This Máire Costello is not fit to be principal. I can't believe someone who is principal is this stupid. Looks a devious person to me, corralling children toward their gender bending agenda. This is someone to be concerned about. I would get her out fast. She is manipulating the minds of your children.


Look at everything they are teaching them. See how they do it by heaping praise on the children for these changes which Máire Costello has been instructed to implement, she sells these ideas as the thinking and wishes of the children.

St Brigid's school set up a 'student council', made up of children at different levels in the school. These ideas about girls and boys switching uniform, and having gender neutral toilets, Marie Costello says these ideas came from the children, and she did a survey to see which ideas the children liked best? You asked the children what they wanted and we ended up with this?

Who put these ideas in the children's minds? Who decided these were the ideas that will change school policy? Who on the school board approved this? Who needs to be sacked.


Principal Máire Costello confirmed that the students were surveyed regarding these concocted gender issues. They survey the children on this shit and then make it law, and people think that's a good idea.

Where are the smart, good people in Greystones. Don't allow this. It is pure brainwashing. I cannot believe parents are letting this go. How brainwashed are you already? Are parents in Ireland asleep? This is shocking, and I am shocked if you condone this child abuse that they call education. Look after the children.

Hear me Máire Costello, you are programming and perverting the minds of children. You are not fit to be a principal. If you promote the gender bending agenda for the kids, if you agree with it, you shouldn't work in a school. No way.