Drink a glass of flat coke to understand what it really tastes like, and unless you are desperate for something sweet, you would never enjoy it, you wouldn't drink it because it tastes so clearly horrible, and you would instinctively know it's not good for your body. You don't notice because of the fizz, which goes someway to hiding the taste.

But do it if you like drinking coke - try a glass of completely flat coke, taste how sickly and toxic it is. Know that there's nothing natural about it at all, it's a chemical drink for the human being, it's designed to do harm. Coco Cola is CC, 33, you already know there is something off about it.


Eat fruit for healthy sweet hit. These look great.

It's poison. It will kill you slowly, destroying your teeth and insides and give you diabetes, and all manner of ailment. It will clean dirty old pennies, it will clean a toilet. All these drinks are pumped with chemicals, and pushed on the masses to shorten lives, to cause ill health, they make sure there is an inadequate health system in place, underfunded on purpose. That's how they do it.

And they advertise it along with deliberately harmful food like McDonalds (big number 3) and pizza. Poison for the masses.

Eat fruit for a natural, good for the body, hit of sweetness. Eat something like a nice juicy mandarin orange, especially if you are recovering from alcohol. It will do your body and spirit good.