You don't know what they are putting in vaccines but you can bet your life that it is harmful to the human being. You know already the phenomenal power that world government wield, from controlling of money, to controlling the education system, controlling the weather, this is controlling the health of the human being, who they look down on and detest. Organisations like WHO and the UN are completely corrupt, and against the people. They are the tools of a ruthless elite.

SAY NO TO VACCINESWhen they insist that every child receive their needle, which they say is medicine, you need to be awake, tell them no way. Never do it. You know what they are capable of. They are nasty people, out to get the human being, their methods are shocking and ugly,  vaccines, injecting babies is really ugly. Just look at the mark it leaves, you should know by looking at it that there is something very off about it. And with two Cs in the word, you know already they are not good, if you have eyes, not an accident. And Vaccine is 57, numerically, 5 + 7 = 12 = 3. It's coded.

They will tell you any lie they think will work in order to inject your child. It's evil. There are latent effects, the chemicals they inject are designed to be triggered later in the individual's life, for triggering diseases. They are playing god with every individual, don't doubt it, and they are messing around with a child's development, maybe DNA, who knows what they are up to, they have form. We know enough of what they do, to know how nasty they are, and to know the lengths they will go to, to shorten life.