There is no credible evidence to suggest Sophie Toscan du Plantier was murdered, there is gossip and there is hearsay. The idea that someone killed her with a concrete block or any instrument at the end of her drive, should be at the very bottom of the list of ideas as to how she was killed. You don't arrive at a scene with murderous intent and pick of a heavy concrete block or any rock to do the job. That is fantasy. and it makes no sense, but people are ravenous for gory and salacious detail, and don't let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

Sophie Toscan du Plantier most likely died as a result of a kick from a horse. The reason that this did not become public knowledge, is because the gardaí are too embarrassed to admit that their murder inquiry was way off the mark. A murder line of investigation was launched too early, before other possibilities were ruled out.

I believe the gards realised it was a horse that killed her, some days into the murder investigation, which by then, was the focus, of worldwide attention. Someone will have thought of it, but they kept it quiet. They were afraid of being humiliated in the press.

They already looked foolish for not having preserved the body. And after all the attention, they felt they could not come clean and say...actually, we got it wrong, it was horse, there's no murderer to be found, and case closed. They must have dreaded how journalists would write them up, and one in particular, who happened to live in the locality, who they didn't like - Ian Bailey.

Their star witness was a married woman who was compromised that night, and they blackmailed her into saying she saw Ian Bailey near the scene that night. That woman came clean and made a public declaration to the effect that the gards blackmailed her, and threatened to reveal her illicit liaison that night. For me she deserves credit, she made the right call in the end and ultimately, she showed integrity, and bravery in coming clean. Anyone in doubt listen to her confession. She showed the gards for who they are, without fear.


How Sophie died

It looks like Ms du Plantier went to see to a horse in the field at the bottom of the shared driveway.

Kj Doyle uploaded the video to youtube on 26 January, 2012, explaining the horse hypothesis, and I must say, I do not understand why anyone dismiss his evidence, which is very logical. People are just too caught up in the drama.

Much respect to Kj for making his video - "Sophie Toscan du Plantier Case - An alternative insight" and I understand he made a copy available to the gards some time ago.


Disgraceful Gardai

A lot of people in Ireland will be aware of how the gards operate, but everyone should look at this instance to see how they set up Ian Bailey with no evidence, they ruthlessly framed him.

They knew when they arrested Ian Bailey that he had nothing to do with the death of Ms du Plantier, but they were too conscious of how the public and media might turn on them when they became aware of the truth, which was that despite all the fear, the anxiety and excitement, the death was due to a horse. They feared newspaper headlines, they feared embarrassment, they feared Ian Bailey especially, because they did not have a good relationship with him and as a journalist living locally, he was a powerful threat to their good name, so they put fuel on the fire, furthered the drama, and arrested Mr Bailey.

The gards acted disgracefully. They sensationalised the death of a woman who's memory deserves the truth and they were vindictive in their treatment of Ian Bailey, not very nice, hardly describes it. And I would say much respect to Marie Farrell who came out strongly to make amends, to speak on how the gards blackmailed her, as a married woman, into making a false statement to implicate Ian Bailey.

I can believe a lot of things about the gards, but I do not believe they would allow an actual murderer in the area, to live freely, without consequences, and with a virtual license to strike again. They should have feared for their own lives, were the case, and they living in the vicinity. They were vindictive, dishonest and disingenuous, they still are. It is time to man up, and do the right thing, and put this matter to bed.


Michael Sheridan's malicious book and the role of the media

The book 'Death in December' about the death of Ms du Plantier, is a disgrace, it deliberately frames Mr Bailey.

Michael Sheridan is a disgrace for ruining a man's life and career to sell a book. That book has done a lot of damage, and I saw you in a recent interview, keen to twist the knife in Ian, and sell more books. Don't act innocent, you should be ashamed, you lack integrity, and were it up to me, you would be handing those book royalties to Mr Bailey.

And the media still pushing headlines to suggest Ian's guilt when they know the DPP has already called it, and dismissed that case. Irish Times, The Independant, RTE et all, very dishonest. We know all about you.


Stand up for Ian Bailey

The people of Ireland should stand up for Ian Bailey. Look at how he has and is being treated by the gards, the government and the rotten to the core media, who are are a team of deceivers on the masses.

It is a stitch up of an innocent man, just outrageous. It should be an eye opener for the whole country as to how things are. What happened Ian could happen anyone. People need to wake up and think about how they might feel in Ian's situation.

Support and help this man, and I hope France gets the message. Ian deserves everyone's support and amends should be made. He deserves a huge apology and he should not be struggling trying to sell poetry or vegetables to make ends meet, after the injustice he has suffered. It is so wrong.

Stay strong my friend. I hear you, a lot of people hear you, and we are not having it.


To the family of Sophie du Plantier

Please consider Kj Doyle's evidence, and my words here. Forget the sensationalism, the books, documentaries and gossip, and look again at the circumstances. Unfortunately, you need to realise that the gards have been lying. They have mislead everyone and hounded an innocent man, who was in danger of realsing the simple truth of how Sophie died.

I am sorry for your loss and I wish you peace.