Sun tan lotion, fake tan spray and tanning lighting cause cancer, not the sun. Do not use these. They are designed to do harm to the individual and to shorten a person's life. Believe it, this is a creepy world.

Applying chemicals to your skin to endure the sun longer that your body says you should, is a bad idea. They have brainwashed the masses into believing it is the thing to do to stay safe from cancer, it's the opposite. What they say is cancer preventing, is cancer causing.

Sunshine is good for a person. God would not create the sun to cause cancer. It is people on earth who are doing it, they cause cancer with what many consider to be beautifying products. Applying chemicals to your body to go past your natural limit in the sun, is a bad idea. Ditto tanning beds.

Sit in the shade, wear light clothes, enjoy the sun, if you can, of course. If you get burned by the sun, that is a warning. You should not be out in it so long, you will be punished, but your skin will recover. Learn your lesson, do not over do it.

The sun is vital for a person, for mind and body, and it is being demonised, saying it causes cancer, pushing people to expose their skin to chemicals,why? It's to give them cancer, it's a devil's deal.

And they are literally blocking it, like Monty Burns in the Simpsons. They been blocking the sun for many years, making clouds, the masses oblivious. This is the world we live in, look up and see. Give back our blue sky.