There is only one real investigative journalist in Ireland. Only one, who has no fear about telling truth, and I'm a problem for the establishment like they never saw. I take them all on - the government, the clown-show, lying, corrupt, media, the so called IRA, 'New IRA' - FAKE IRA, more like, who collaborate with the PSNI and the Gards, to deceive the masses with fake letter bombs, fake car bombs, read back if you need to, I called out the liars. I showed them up for what they are. I don't fear anyone, never mind a mickey mouse, so called, terrorist organisation and their police chums.

The first I heard of this Lyra McKee business, was on Friday, lunchtime, when Youtube suggested I look at a her vigil which had been uploaded about an hour or two before that. Someone can correct me, but that vigil appeared to held about 11 PM on Friday, which is just 12 hours after the time that she was supposedly shot. On the podium was Sara Canning, reading a script, a eulogy, from a mobile phone, and looking fairly fresh. She didn't look to me like she had lost any sleep. No tears, pretending to choke up, plenty of head wobbles as she tries to fake it. Couldn't cry a tear. No tears because she can't fake real. Go and look at the video, see the faker.


Sara Canning reading her script.

Who thinks that is normal? What person, who just lost the love of their life in a brutal murder, the person they were going to 'spend the rest of their life with' is able to get up on podium and speak, completely dry-eyed, to deliver a eulogy? She never shed a tear, she won't shed a tear at the funeral either, unless she packs an onion to do the job, which she might do, if she read this, to ham it up. The people are being taken for mugs, but some people in Derry will know what's going on.

The CCTV footage, provided by the PSNI is interesting. They can brighten up the film to show us what appears to be Lyra, but the shadowy figure that looks like a gunman can't be brightened up to the same extent, funny that. They draw a circle around this gunman and keep it grainy for the gullible masses. They show three different CCTV views, the problem is, the third one, is not CCTV, they fucked up, probably on purpose, it's what they do. The third view is a very shaky camera, and couldn't be CCTV, and must be phone footage. But they never said it was spliced with mobile footage, they said it was all CCTV. It's fakery, go and look. And it is number coded, they never leave out the numbers in these dramas.

The PSNI are very anxious to get their hands on any film of the incident, urging people not to make it public, but rather to submit it confidentially to them. Send it to me, I'll roast the fuckers.

THE LYRA MCKEE HOAXI see one other video of the incident, as dubious as their dopey CCTV. In this footage all you can see is a kerfuffle and someone being packed into the back of a police Land Rover, one person shouts "what the F is going on arseholes." That sounded to me like it was directed at the police rather that a shooter, but that's open to speculation. And some of that footage is blacked out for no apparent reason, something we should not see, no doubt. And the video goes from regular to slow motion at times. What is that about? It's clearly been worked on and edited, why? No one thinks to question it, they run with the drama. It's a set up.

I know some people saw the fakery of those car and letterbombs, so why would you trust the PSNI who come out again, after this incident, to repeat those same lies?  You think they can be trusted? They are building on the story. And some think a murder and funeral can't be faked, in Ireland, that that is beyond the pale. Wake up on the shenanigans.

Lyra McKee is a puppet of freemasonry, playing out a scene, a deceiver, and not dead. Nobody will be in that coffin on Wednesday, it's a deception. I don't know where they relocate these puppets. They're devil workers, against the creator. Not on my watch. I'll free this country by waking the people up. People think with their hearts and not their heads, they don't look at evidence, and just accept whatever the media tell them with question.

Two teenage men were arrested and released without charge, of course, I could write the script for this drama. It will be an unsolved case because no one is going to serve time in jail for this hoax. The gunman was supposedly shooting at the PSNI? If that was real they would hunt that person down, rapid, but they won't. The police are not worried, they are in on the game.