Man made the dog, which is god, spelled backwards, a message to everyone. The dog was made to be a dependent and loyal companion, for the human being. This is why it is called man's best friend. A dog needs a person to survive, it knows it cannot survive on it's own, and it worries and panics a lot, just thinking about it.

Dogs are loyal. They are full of love, they are vulnerable, they are like children.  It's difficult to ignore dogs, they demand your attention, nearly all the time. And they will bark, and make a scene, to be heard, if you do not give them attention. They will get our attention, one way or another.

Sometimes dogs demand our attention, just because they are so nice, all the time. And cool, and cute, and we just have to look, to see, the dog is alright. To know that it is happy. Everyone loves dogs. And for many people, it's just a question, of whether they feel they are in a position to look after a dog, and to give a dog, the time and attention, that it must have.

A cat is interested in you when it wants food, when it's cold, or when it wants a massage. Most of the time, it couldn't care less who you are, or what you think about. Man made the cat, c.a.t, 3.1.2, 1.2.3, 2 3s, to make 6.

Cats kill birds, and other small creatures, for sport. It will deliver a dead body to you, it never had any intention of eating, it's a trophy, to the cat. A cat will kill, just for entertainment. It's a cold killer, with no respect for life.

They like to play games with mice, and will give the poor, unfortunate, creature, a slow death, for amusement. That is cruel, unnecessary, and unnatural. They go against nature. The cat is a psycho. Birds are amazing creatures.  Cats kill them.  Cats are not nice.