In the summer of 2007, the biggest story in the news, was the abduction, in Portugal, of a child called Madeleine McCann, from Liverpool, England. Arguably, it was the biggest story of the year, and the story is still running today, because Madeleine McCann was never found, and Madeleine McCann will never be found, there is no way, because the story is fake as fuck.
A lot of people have spoken out against the McCanns, accusing them of negligence. Along with friends they were holidaying with, the McCanns were reported to have been dining out, at the time Madeleine was supposedly abducted. The children were said to have been unattended at the holiday accommodation, while the parents enjoyed a holiday meal. Not good parenting, and no question about it, but what can any of us really know about what went down.
That they were with friends, is convenient, because it provides an alibi, but it is only a few extra people for the plot which includes all the police involved, not to mention the media whores who sell this crap to the masses, and then you have the likes of the Portuguese detective, with his book on the case, a faker, deceiver, a liar tricking everyone and making money from it.
Naturally, there have been quite a few books written on the subject, speculating on pedophile rings, and I heard of one implying that so called Secret Services, had knowledge etc.
I cannot say if Madeleine McCann was an actual real child because all I have to go on are photos, and I have also seen photos of human looking dolls, you may have seen them, ultra real looking, so there is that possibility, and probability,if you ask me,  but if it is the case that there was a genuine child, that could be widely verified, then I would guess that the McCann's were, possibly, not that child's parents, and that that child joined her real family, either way, I would like to believe a child was not harmed,but what do I know, nothing. A police pedophile ring could absolutely be the case. I read that gards, in Ireland, had child pornography on their phones. Nothing about the McCann story is believable. They are not credible people. I won't defend them, I'll call them out.
The McCanns look fake as fuck to me. They want everyone to be concerned about child abduction, and if you ask me, they are promoting the crime. That is wicked. Don't mess around where children are concerned. Do you trust those people?
The McCanns are liars, no question about it, but more than them are involved in this drama. You can also include the police and media, working together, hand in glove, to lie to the public. It's a bullshit reality show for the masses. Fake as a 3 dollar bill. This story has number 3 written all over it.