A lot of people think the fate of Titanic, the greatest maritime tragedy. I would say it is, because it was a titanic play, a cunning manoeuvre. I shall explain. Step aside Sherlock Holmes, I've got this one.

In the early years of the 1900s, long before airplanes were an option, travel across sea, could only be done, by boat. And the Britain-America route, was dominated by two companies, the Cunard Line, and the White Star Line. Today, it's all about airlines, in those days, it was ship-lines. All around Europe and beyond, in the same fashion as airlines today. You had the Hamburg America Line in Germany, where today you have Lufthansa, or some such operator.

So, when the Cunard Line launched the Lusitania, in 1906, it could be fairly argued, that it was they, who once again, were the dominant, of the two ship-lines. They are the same people, really, but ostensibly, it was the British Government, who backed the Cunard Line, particularly, in financing the building of the Lusitania, and the parent corporation of the White Line, was controlled by world famous financier, JP Morgan. Both lines were heavily financed.

About 1907, JP Morgan, held discussions with White Star chairman, Joseph Bruce Ismay, who's family had once owned, the White Star Line. Today, it was JP Morgan approving decisions. Maybe it had always been that way, and before Morgan came along, it was some other controller. In any case, plans to add, luxury liners, to the White Line fleet, were discussed. The White Star Line would put the Ritz on sea, and outdo the Cunard Line.

THE TITANIC MANOEUVREThree sister ships, Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic, were to be built, using, practically, the same design, for each ship. Each was 882 feet long, 175 feet high, from the keel to the top of the funnel, and including 9 passenger decks, and with a beam of 92 feet. The design was for 2,435 passengers, and 950 crew.

There were plans on paper for three ships, but only two were built. The first ship was the Olympic.  It was laid down on 16 December 1908. Three and a half months later, on 31 March 1909, the Titanic is laid down. Now, two identical ships are, being built in the shipyard.

When the Olympic was launched into the water on 20 October 1910, the Titanic was not that much more than a giant hull, and years from the finished product. And the Olympic was on water for a long time, before it was not certified as complete. A ship must prove herself at sea, to be certified as complete, functional, and seaworthy. The Olympic was recorded, as complete, on 31 May 1911.

The Titanic, is recorded as being launched on 31 May 1911, the very same day that the Olympic was certified as complete. But the Titanic was not launched that day. The ship purported to be the Titanic, in the water, around Belfast that day, was the Olympic. The Titanic remained a shell of a ship, in the yard, a giant hull.

THE TITANIC MANOEUVREThe ship that left Southampton on 10 April 1912, bound for New York, the ship they called the Titanic, was not the Titanic. That ship was the Olympic.

From Southampton, England, she went to Cherbourg, France, where passengers are reported to have joined, however, this would not make sense, I would think a lot of people got off there, and the next group of people, disembarked, at Cobh, Ireland.

The ship then headed west, and looked New York bound, but she stalled, mid Atlantic, to assume the identity of the Olympic. Soon she was transmitting only as the Olympic, as part of the search effort for Titanic, which constituted, exchanging messages, with other ships. I doubt it true, but there is a story, that Olympic should not come to save stranded people, for fear of shocking them, because Olympic was identical to Titanic. Who would be that fussy stranded at sea.

After 2 or 3 days of sending messages, and pretending to look for Titanic, she set course for home, and returned to port in Southampton, on April 21st, , 9 days later, as Olympic.

That is the story of Titanic, and people are too easily swayed into thinking with their emotions, by movies, music, drama, and sham documentaries.

An ice berg did not sink the Titanic, so called, or sink, any liner. Ice bergs don't do that. You don't just find them floating about, that big, in the middle of sea, and not where it is over a mile deep. It's made up. Airplanes don't take down buildings and ice bergs don't take down ships. It was a psyop, an insurance scam, a drama for the people. A maritime 911, for 1912.

On the matter of the third ship, the Britannic, there are two possibilities. That the shell of the Titanic was finished to plan, and launched as the Britannic, on 12 December 1914, and certified complete, on 12 December 1915, which I could believe, or, a similar manoeuvre, and there only ever was the Olympic. Why not. The Britannic, soon disappeared. Reported sunk in the Aegean Sea, on 21 November 1916.

Whatever that case of the Britannic, the ship said to be the Titanic, was the Olympic, and she did not sink.