Philip Morris International, which manufactures tobacco and gives it a brand, such as Marlboro, is reportedly concerned about giving smoke based products to the masses. Products that are unnecessary for the human body, that are deliberately toxic. Highly addictive, yet they push them on the masses by making sure idols of film, music, art, whatever, are seen smoking.
They will do what they say is the right thing to do. The proper and conscientious thing on the advice of fake doctors and not manufacture and push toxic smoke products. So tobacco, which does not cause lung cancer any more than smoke might cause cancer on your skin. What causes cancer is deliberately manufactured and fed to the people. It's in the food you eat, and what you drink.
So called tobacco, will not be burned anymore. Toxins will be ingested cheerfully by people who buy the lie that vaping is safer, when just the opposite is the case.
It is a more effective way of poisoning the masses. And they have made it cool, in the way watches are cool, to materialists.
They want you to vape. They want you to think it is cool. They want to kill you quicker with vaping. They use bullshit statistics and advice from fake doctors to support their marketing campaign. We know how it goes.