Did you have purple or blue hair on April 18th? Is that you in the video? The person looks to be wearing slippers, do you know why that would be? Do you wear slippers to these things? Is it more bad CGI?

Your account of the drama is at odds with the video evidence. You say you were yards away from the incident, and that you were asked to phone for an ambulance. Your story is false, it does not add up.

In the Irish Sun and Strabane Chronicle, you said that you called the ambulance, and you said a couple of minutes later the police got out of the landrover, when they saw the commotion. The video contradicts your account, it suggest that this fake Lyra McKee was shot at the landrover, and loaded into it, in under two minutes. The video proves the hoax.

We can see how fake this thing is, I proved this hoax emphatically, and you are in on it. You are a film-maker for this psyop and one of the main public commentators.

Where exactly did you see this mysterious Lyra McKee character? She doesn't seem to exist. Popped up out of nowhere, on a ted talk, and then all this, and disappeared. She's like Rowan in the Wicker Man. Do you dance around a may poll, because it's looking a lot like the Wicker Man island.

Are you a witch? Are you the witch in your new novel that I read about. Am I in it, firing bolts of lighting?

What do you say about this Lyra McKee hoax now?...it's the worst kept secret in Ireland.