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When America was Great

If you ask anyone where democracy began, most people will say Greece. But this overlooks many ancient democracies around the world. Australia had a democratic, egalitarian, society, when Captain Cook landed, and it was probably that way for many millennia. Seeing it in practice, one English writer thought it ‘remarkable, that perhaps the highest form […]


Standing Up For Palestine

I wrote an article recently to bring attention to the media silence on the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike. Of course as soon as the strike ended after 41 days, some of the mainstream media then reported on it. No surprise there. No surprise either to the reaction on Facebook – overwhelming support from people who […]


Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strike Ignored by Mainstream Media

Apparently a hunger strike by over 1000 Palestinian prisoners, under way since April 17th, is not newsworthy. It seems these people are the wrong colour, wrong religion and critically, they live on land that others want to steal, and, of course, they have no significant media control.   It’s difficult to know the exact numbers […]


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