It could depend on where you live, but you could say, that it is most interesting, that one family could control the world's finance, without the general public even conceiving of such a scam. It is not intended that you should understand that banking is privately owned, privately run, for private interest, to the determent of the masses. They want you to think it is a complex thing, and something beyond your comprehension. It is not. It's a circus.
It's a daylight robbery, circus. A pyramid scheme. One person is in control of the money, is head of the scheme. It would be difficult for the average person to know, specifically, who it is. They may not appear rich. I don't think it's a Rothschild. I think Rothchilds are filthy rich, creepy, red herrings. They do not fully control. They are not top of the pyramid. It might never appear in any media, who that person was. But someone controls it. We could agree on that. And that is enough to be concerned about. People should be awake on this stuff. It is basic.
Someone, who assumes a role as head of a family, controls all finance. One person can, and does do this. And they don't need to study accountancy. It's a sucker system designed to control the masses. You need money if you want to do something. So they say. I wouldn't get out of bed for 150,000. No amount. I like my sleep.