The Las Vegas Shooting (2017), so called, it was a hoax, was described as the largest mass shooting in American history, yet the story was dropped by most of the mainstream media after a couple of weeks, like it never happened.

The Las Vegas story got slaughtered on the internet, as fake. Those details aside, I would like to know what does it mean when a former/active, CIA officer (Robert Steel) speaks on radio, within a few days of the incident, calling it a CIA false flag operation? He verified that the CIA used crisis actors in such operations. I didn't see or hear of anyone from the CIA refute him. He spat some truth with consent, he gave an insight into CIA/government, who will do nearly anything to control the thinking of the masses, by controlling the narrative. Crumbs are to be found if you look properly.

In New Zealand, CGI, deliberately doctored, shoddy, video, and crisis actors, are what passes for evidence, for a mass shooting, which is a hoax, no one died. Crisis actors are used on the masses. Who knows these people?

You couldn't trust the apparent parents of the main protagonist as far as you'd throw them, which would not be far. They look like they never get off the sofa. Get some exercise, and get a life.

The video of the supposed killer was mocked online, with good reason. Memes comparing it with video games like Doom, circulated. Truth in plain sight, intended or not. Shell casings from the shotgun disappear, they do not hit the pavement. Gone, like magic. I heard a shotgun turned into a rifle, in an instant. No wonder they want to hide the video and put laws in place to censure content.

Other video shows unrealistic stacking of supposedly dead people. Unrealistic because they were all on top of each other, parallel, and stacked 2 and 3 bodies high. How would that happen? And in a matter of minutes? It never would. It's made up. Not one body moved, not even the smallest movement when the main protagonist fires a shot into a body, which did then appear to move, but there was no blood to be seen. There was no blood on any of the bodies.

Aftermath video footage shows one or two people walking around with reddened shirts, but hardly a stain to be seen on the carpet. People lying down on the ground did not have any sign of blood. Men were just sitting around, using their phones. Everyone quietly doing their own thing.

And you see a child, unharmed, of course, with what looked like his dad. The child playing, the dad texting. No one in the room is screaming, not even the child. It looked like a meeting had just finished.

No one questions the evidence. They suck up the drama, like it's real. They never thought a crisis actor might be convincing. People will be fooled by a child who wasn't remotely perturbed by whatever just went down, a calm chap.

Nobody was shot. Don't believe anything on television, especially not the news. Lies and fantasy are what they feed the public. Government, Media, Police team up, and we know what time it is when this trio get together.

This is government propaganda. It will be used to change the law. 911 for New Zealand, with 2 mosques. The mainstream media run with the drama like they don't know anything about what is going on. Fake news is just about all that ever was, for news. Lies lies lies are what tell.