The term conspiracy theorist, is a planted term for all the media to latch on to, and use, and in turn, the public, and then it is part of the modern lexicon, and we all have to use it. It is another device to divide the people. They never miss an opportunity. TV presenters, use the term, to cast a net over anyone, who does some critical thinking. They make a caricature out of any individual who does not agree with the government's official story. You do not get on TV or radio, to speak against government, unless you are controlled opposition, and you wear the conspiracy theorist badge.

And they will show you how a Conspiracy Theorist, so called, looks. They give you Alex Jones and David Icke, to name just two. And maybe about 10% of what they say will actually be true. David Icke wonders who built the moon. God built it, and it goes around the earth, which does not move. You are a trickster. As for Alex Jones, he also plays his part to a tee. If you can't see that he is fake and working with the government, the CIA, whoever it is, you need to wake up, and maybe he deserves an Oscar. And you should question why your government is doing this. They are devil puppets in a satanic run world.

And what is conspiracy theorist other than a term to discredit anyone who questions the official narrative. Governments lie, all the time. We will never know the half of it. And as in a court of law, if you find out someone is lying, you don't take them seriously, their testimony is not trustworthy.

All the television, radio, newspaper, people, read from a script, and use the term conspiracy theorist for anyone who would question the moon landing. The dogs on the street know that nobody landed on the moon. People have slammed the story and blasted the NASA provided footage, to smithereens. Everyone made a mockery of the moon landings but still some people want to believe that it's a cover up story for aliens on the moon, they will never smell the coffee.

Nobody landed on the moon because you cannot land on the moon. It is not that far away and it is not a giant ball of rock that you can land on. It's a light. Tell me how it is that you can see the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time and the earth can cause a shadow on the moon. If you believe that is possible, you are not thinking, you are asleep, brainwashed, deeply indoctrinated, the walking dead. Here to make up the numbers.

We can do much better than this if people will wake up. Question everything and wake up on basic stuff. The truth will set you free because knowledge is power. And most of this stuff is simple, and basic, and when you know it, you have power. So power to the people of the world and down with government. Thumbs down, and good riddance to the lot of them.