No country's flag should be political, and I reject the Irish tricolour flag. It is not a flag for a country, it is a message of division. It's predictive programming for the people of Ireland.

The story of war against the British Empire is depicted on the tricolour, it's a constant reminder of how they want Ireland to be divided. It's planned by the elite, they are telling you how to feel and what to think.

The tricolour is a creation of the elite, the controllers of this world, who decide on flags, and whatever backstory there is, I wouldn't place too much stock in, because they've been making the news for a long time, forever.

Ditto the French, German, Italian, flags. They all have messages for their nations, and I'm not an expert, but you can conclude a few things, and red and blue are for division, all day long, something for Britain and America to think about.

I don't like using the term, the united states, because it's a loaded term. Why are they pushing the word united, that would have a powerful effect, with it being mentioned so often. In the backs of minds, will be a question about whether the country is united, it is suggestion and programming. Ditto the United Kingdom, and all the rest.

The people's democratic republic of China is another one. All the names are loaded. Republic of Ireland? I really hate that one. It's just inspirational crap for people to buy into and believe in. It's brainwashing and it shouldn't be there.

The so called star of David, is a much older symbol of magick, thousands of years old. It's a symbol of black magick that was adopted by judaeism. It's a devil sign, and it never stopped being a devil sign. One triangle up and one down. As above, so below. It's an outrageous symbol to use, it's a hex on a flag, magick in plain sight. Why use that sign if not for magick?

If Ireland has to have a symbol, then why not the harp, a nod to music, and a proper flag for all Ireland.