I watched the latest video on this McKee drama on Youtube, called "Derry, Creggan, riots, - 18/04/2019 Shots - Full Story", it was uploaded today. Full of shite more like. It's a mini movie with a soundtrack for dramatic effect to sway people's emotions. People are asleep if they don't question this.

A car was set on fire, and petrol bombs were carefully thrown at police Land Rovers, as agreed. This was planned and executed for the Lyra McKee Psyop. Some people in the Creggan estate are full of it, some work with the PSNI on psyops like this. I am the only one who is serious about freeing this country, and I don't know why I bother sometimes.

You won't see any murder happening in the video. It's just a propaganda movie featuring the PSNI and people on the Creggan estate.


See the number plate, that's 666.

What you see, is a man firing what appears to be a gun, into the sky. Then, conveniently, he goes to the other side of the burning vehicle, he cannot be seen from our new video viewpoint. Then we hear shots. Blanks, probably.

The video proves nothing at all about someone getting shot. It proves that people on the estate are in cahoots with PSNI. It proves that the PSNI had support from the people on the estate, including the ones who  threw petrol bombs and set fire to the car, as instructed. And I've seen a clip where people were being very helpful to the PSNI before the drama was begun. A man removing a small vehicle from out of the way of a PSNI Land Rover so that the area could be cordoned off. Residents made sure the PSNI had the room they needed to set up for the evening drama. That's what your video shows.

Why does the movie narrative read  "You can truly hear the horror in her voice and in her looks" about the woman who runs down the hill? You are trying too hard, and over-qualifying your remarks, it gives the game away. We've got ears and we can see.

How many people on the estate are in on the game, is the question. Talk to me Creggan people, I blew this story wide open, and you are all fairly quiet, what's the story? Is any of this coming as a genuine surprise to any you?

Lastly, on this video, you could take a look that woman running down the hill, it's 8 minutes in. See her do a little jump of delight at end of her jog down the hill. That's duper's delight. She jumps and she shouts and she points and urges the people to run up the hill, so they can be filmed, for the movie. This is drama for dummies.