David Bowie knew the moon landings were fake and that the earth is flat and motionless. Most famously, he sang about it in Space Oddity. The first clue is in the title. And we can all see how odd those so called moon landings were now.

Space Oddity was originally released on 11 July, 1969, five days ahead of the Apollo 11 launch to the moon, so called. In the original video at the time you can see him taking the mick out of the Apollo fakery. From a cheap toy space helmet to him looking goofy as a ground control operative pretending to use a communication device in his hand, it's all there.

Cheap production you say? I beg to differ. He was smart and well informed. He knew it was not possible to land on the moon, never mind walk on it, because it is not terra firma, it is a luminary. He knew why the moon landings had to be faked, of course he knew the earth was flat, he was an intelligent man, in the know. His songs and videos were always thoughtful.

He was more subtle in the later 1975 version (arguably the better version) but you can still see him make a few gestures. And you have to love the musical fart sound he included after the guitar solo, or am I wrong.

His song 'Ashes to Ashes' is also full of references to an astronaut who must keep quiet. Neil Armstrong stayed quiet for a very long time and avoided publicity. He famously gave a speech 25 years after the event and said some cryptic things about astronauts being 'parrots' and how they could not fly very well either.

The press conference after they were supposed to have returned from the moon, is interesting. You do not see men invigorated and excited after their mission, because they cannot fake real. They act nervous, and fearful of misspeaking, they are just actors of course, playing their game on the masses, answering pre-selected questions.

As for the lyrics of Space Oddity.....

"Am I sitting in a tin can" (yes, not a bad description for something that could never land on the moon)
Far above the world (second part of the last question)
Planet Earth is blue (how he must describe earth)
And there's nothing I can do (he has to go along with it)
"Though I've passed one hundred thousand miles" (obvious exaggeration)
"I'm feeling very still" (because he was on a motionless earth)