Red hands painted on the wall. Look at the pretend stand off. Can you believe they are against each other? They're desperate actors, acting tough outside my constituency office, by the looks of it.

And stenciling the red hand of Ulster on a green wall is what you do? You pretend to square up for the camera, do your best to look tough.  These are jokers. That's just mockery of the people. They are laughing at people who don't understand what is really going down, which is a drama for the people, to create division. It's chaos for the people, and we know what comes from that.

A hand up is also done in court, while swearing on the devil book, called the bible, which is a freemason work, a hand up is a freemason's sign. It's a shout out to other masons, hence, numbers and symbols are used. The informed eye will see, a freemason's eye will see for sure that something is not quite as it first seems in a situation and they should discern because some trickery is in play.

Orange-men and Freemasons are basically they same people, just different divisions, Aldi and Lidl, slightly different rules, but under the same umbrella and look just about the same, different packaging. These people work together. They are one fraternity, sworn to help and assist each other, no matter the religion, or how they may be nationally, or politically, inclined.

It's a rigged a reality. And these psyops are always number coded. The dates and numbers are important, so it is no surprise to see the latest piece of video footage, from the PSNI, showing a man wearing the number 18, when the incident took place on the 18th. 1 + 8 gives you 9. It's a sign to others that there is trickery involved. 3, 5, 7, and 9, are considered sacred numbers - from Morals and Dogma, the bible of freemasonry, by Albert Pike. 9 is  3 x 3.

Signs and Symbols rule the world. Diamond is 33, numerically, and it is an oft-used symbol of freemasonry. It could be a wire fence, it could be on jumper, it could be in the name of a place in Donegal Town, or in the Lyra McKee case, on the seating furniture.

Finally, do you recognise the policeman in the image? Why is his head blurred out, and what is his role in this drama? What is going on.

Any information on this suspect PSNI character, should be brought to the attention of the public.