While the masses, stubbornly, slowly, awaken, to the reality that they are not on a spinning ball, others may be interested to read that the dome is made of diamond. The hardest known substance on earth is what encloses our earthly environment, and no diamond was ever found in a mine. And a lot of diamonds on the market are laboratory grown, the coloured diamonds are artificial for sure.

Diamond is the dome that seals us in.  You can try explosives at the dome, but you will never break through. so it is not a question of speculation, and mining below the earth to find diamonds, it's what encloses the earth.

Diamond mines are a joke. Searching workers forensically when they leave the mine, is for show. Looking for diamonds in a mine? It's a hoax, there are no diamonds to be found underground, or in mines. That's a lie to set the price high, to create the myth of them being rare and hard to find. They would never say where they really came from. Now we know.