While the masses, stubbornly, slowly, awaken, to the reality, that they are not on a spinning ball, flying through, imaginary, false, fake, space, fantasy, people already awake on the 500 year old lie, or how ever old it is, may be interested to hear that the dome is made of diamond. The hardest known substance on earth is what encloses our earthly environment. And no diamond was ever found in a mine.
I never bought one, or was convinced that they were spectacular, or took notice of them, but I understand there is a lot of rubbish on the market, coloured diamonds, grown in laboratory, diamonds. 100% artificial.
Diamonds are from the dome. It only comes from one place. The dome that seals us all in. You can try exploding at the dome's surface, but you will never break through. Never. Give up trying to fool the people with materialist nonsense, and promoting diamonds (33) as precious. We know where they can be found. It is not a question of speculation and mining below the earth. It is around earth. It encloses earth.
Diamond mines, so called, deceptively named, are a joke. They make movies about diamonds and finding them in mines. And searching people forensically, when they leave work, at the mine. Looking for diamonds in a mine? It's bullshit. There are no diamonds in any mines. It's a lie for the masses to buy and believe diamonds are precious rarities for precious, rare, things, as we all are, presumably.
They are losing the battle. Reality will crush illusion. More and more people are waking up. It won't be stopped.
But a lot of people need to wake up on the basic things. And hurry up. Why should I or anyone have to take this shit. I've no memory of asking to be a slave, in a matrix. Made to toil and labour, to survive, all your life. It's bullshit. People are not thinking. Enough of this crap. What does it take to wake people up?
No one trusts the media anymore. People are waking up in greater numbers, to their lies, and when you spot a liar, if you are smart, you know they are never to be trusted, because they will delight in deceiving you again. The media laugh at the people. From the front page to the back, they sell the rigged reality. Every paper, every media outlet. It's what they do. All the time.