Fake letter bombs are presented to the public, as real, by police and media. If you look at them, look properly at the evidence provided by the police, you can see how fake they are. But most people don't think, when it comes to these stories.

Many will be governed by their emotions, at the mention of bombs, and the IRA. And most will take, as authentic, as real, what they are told in the news. This IRA parcels to Britain story is fake, just like the fake bomb in Derry, in January. People are easily fooled.

See the images provided by the police and ask yourself, how could the jiffy bag have ignited? Where are the wires, where is the gunpowder, or chemicals, or how is the thing supposed to ignite? It's fake, and you will know it if you look at the evidence provided by the police and ask basic questions, and give it some thought.

FAKE LETTER BOMBSIn the main image, see how the desk looks burned, and seems to match the parcel, so it looks like it is in the spot, where it ignited. We are supposed to believe that the entire jiffy bag went up in smoke. That whole thing burned, on a table, or a photocopier, and no one thought to get some water and put it out? It must have burned very, very fast. And only a small bit of the white outer envelop was burned beside such a fire? How is that?

Look the the image of the parcel addressed to Waterloo, from Busarus. Was someone playing monopoly? Can you believe it? How does that jiffy bag combust? They are playing games on the masses. It's fake. Media report that the IRA phoned in a code word to a Belfast Newspaper, to claim responsibility. Shenanigans.

This looks like propaganda is for the brexit conversation, it will certainly be employed, and it will influence opinion, when so many, take it as real. But what it is precisely for, is not the important thing to know. The important thing to understand is that this is an example, of how the masses are deceived. Government work with media and fake terrorist groups, to traumatise, confuse, divide, and rule, the people.