Ireland is a still a small country, in size and population, and that has always been a big part of her charm. Conversations in Ireland between strangers will quickly move from the weather, to where you are from, and who you know. Someone will know one of your relatives, or someone you went to school with, or your old boss. It's a small place, and bonds are easily formed. This means that in Ireland, when we want to get things done, we can act powerfully.

So stop accepting a life of enslavement. What looks formidable, is just a house of cards. Don't have it anymore. Think about the children and what message you send to them.

You saw where Ireland was going and how quickly, why didn't you do something? Why didn't you speak up? Were you afraid of what people might think of you? Did you hope someone else would do it? Look at what you gave the children, and look how you told them to live. These are the questions we must ask ourselves. Ireland is changing fast and people must wake up.

What I see, and what I believe Gemma sees, is the importance of acting right now, and speaking out about what is happening to Ireland. We must protect what we have, or it will be gone in a few of generations. We will be kind but not stupid. We will not look after a fox by letting it sleep the night in the hen house. No nonsense.

You should only vote for a candidate who is a one in a million, otherwise don't vote. Because you have no argument when you don't like what is going on, if you formally approve the system, by voting. If you are voting in Ireland, check out Gemma O'Doherty who is calling it, ripping up the media and government, and shining a light on fake news RTE.

She has integrity and she has Ireland in her heart, she is a warrior and she deserves the support of the Irish people. Irish society is being smashed but the fight is on, and you won't beat me, and you won't beat Gemma, and you won't beat an army of people in Ireland, who see what is really going on. Irish Nationalism is sleeping giant and watch out he's waking up.