How come no one noticed this? The evidence is there for everyone to see.


First the legs are sticking out of the Landrover, there is no head, torso, or arms, and no where they could be, other than in Landrover. After that no body is to be seen in their movie. There is no room for a body because they are all too close to the car. It's just men, gathered around, pretending, to create a scene. It's trickery on the masses.

These people are busted and Lyra McKee's face should be on milk cartons. Where is Harry Potter? All you people are fucked, I'm going to wipe the floor with you.


Who filmed this incident and who first uploaded it to the internet? Was it someone in your gang?

Who is the the person in the blue hoody? - why are busy making updates on your phone? You casually look up when you hear someone scream "Help, someone has been shot!" You give half a glance up and then back to your phone to continue making updates. Where did you make those updates and can we see them, are they on Facebook? You didn't flinch, just calmly walk over the the car, a few yards from where you are.

Who filmed this? You hear someone is shot and that person is 3 yards away from you but carry on filming in the opposite direction for another 15 seconds before you turn around and walk a few steps to someone who was shot dead 15 seconds ago? And you try to bluff it by pointing the camera down before you bring it back up to make it look like you walked some distance. You only walked a few yards.

This is just bullshit for the masses, who neglect to look properly at evidence, and think only with their emotions. That's how it works. That is how they do it. You are being played.

Why is the movie blacked out from 1.09 to 1.16 seconds? Did that part show too clearly what I am talking about? And you pick it up again when we are supposed to believe she is shot dead and in the back of the Land Rover.

Instantly shot dead is the story? What were you putting a dead body into the back of a Land Rover for? What's the point of that? If someone was genuinely shot in the head you would all be running for cover, and more concerned about those still alive. It's bullshit. I caught you.

Why does the policeman in the Landrover calmly say to the girl with purple hair,  "Listen", will you ring 999" and you nod in agreement, and do it. What is the point of calling for an ambulance for your friend when she is already dead and in a Land Rover? What is that about? What does that call sound like? You are full of shit.

The video you made proves that nobody was dead by the Landrover. There was no one there. It's just  men standing over nothing, in a bid to prove later that they were standing over a fatally wounded Lyra McKee. They are always too close together. You can see the video has been doctored and tampered with.

The legs come out of the Landrover and there's no sign of a torso because the Landrover would have to be a couple of feet away for that to be real. It's bad CGI to fool the people. This is how stupid they think you are.

The CGI work for this operation was shoddy. She wasn't sitting down beside it dead,  she wasn't anywhere near that Land Rover. This is shocking. Why didn't people notice this?


42 seconds in. Look at this image of Lyra McKee. Look at the legs. Where is the rest of the body? Bad CGI. Why didn't anyone notice this?



56 seconds in. Where is the body?



1.00 minute in. Where is the body?

Watch the video  here.