Mother Teresa was a man dressed as a woman, in charge of orphans. This is not an aberration in the Catholic Church. That is what the church is about. Strike them down and no mercy for the decrepit, degenerates. They are as evil as can be. The church is a nest of monsters. They are snakes, and you will see.

The Pope is atop a pyramid of nasty characters, and like any of these creepy organisations, they get worse the further up they are, and the most ruthless make it to the top. He carries a bent crucifix. They want people to believe God was killed on a cross. They make up a story, write it down, and sell it to the masses. God never wrote a book. These pedophiles wrote the book.

They celebrate the idea of crucifying God. They are mocking the creator, with a made-up character, Jesus. They say God was a man. Why would God be a man. Where was he the rest of the time. It's their story. They made it up. And they seal the deal, by convincing millions, that they are fucked, if they don't accept their fake character. They tell you over and over again in the bible, that Jesus is the sun in the sky, he is the devil.

Christianity is Devil worship. The bible is a satanic book. It is not a question of misinterpretation of the bible, by the Church people, they wrote the book. It's their tool to control the masses. And they say, look everybody, God inspired us, to write this book, and here's what he said, and this is how it is.

Don't wonder why there are so many pedophiles in the Church. They are satanists in plain sight. They are liars. They are evil. It's a club of degenerates, fooling the masses with their devil book.

The most evil people in the world are in plain sight for everyone to see, presenting themselves as the most righteous, most caring, most earnest, the most pious. They dress in black, they tell you what they are about. Evil bastards on the masses, proven deceivers. What parent in their right mind, would leave their child alone with a priest, bishop, or pope. What else do you need to know about them.