Today is 911 for these people. I've got them on the run and a lot of people know it. Paddywagon is on the road for the Lyra McKee Crew, and I will drive into the Creggan estate shortly, and you will know who I am by the end of the day, if you don't already.  See you soon.

You might think you know someone, but as my dad used ruefully say.....if you want to know me, come live with me, so with all due respect, I don't give a fuck about what you think you know about these people, and if you're in the clique, we already know all about you.

The Lyra McKee crew, including the mother, are a bunch of deceivers. None of them cry. Not one tear, not even red eyes. They can't cry because they cannot fake real. They try to act choked up, and upset, they don't do that well. No oscar for any of you. You're amateur actors. Don't even think about taking to the stage, you will be laughed off it, you are hopeless. We can all see you now.

The wearing of Harry Potter gear to the funeral was to show everyone that magic was involved, black magic, trickery and deception. A kind of perverse honesty. They told you what was going down, if you didn't understand, that's your problem, maybe they that think they cheat karma, doing it that way. No one escapes karma, we get what we deserve.

Not one person cried at the funeral. Some funeral. The big one with purple hair probably hasn't cried since she was a baby. They're not nice people. No one should carry on like that. You are a menace. Go ahead and be mad at me, it's too late, everyone is going to know it soon. You never saw this coming. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes now.

How are you enjoying the psyop now? Did they not warn you about me? Too bad.

By the way, I can see that the first article was read by two and a half thousand people in Derry already, and then, going down the charts it's, Carrickfergus, London, Nottingham, Belfast, Glengormly, Coleraine, Manchester, I could be typing all night, Manchester just made the cut. This news is going worldwide. Run for cover, you've been exposed.