We are born, we live a life, we die, we ghost around, we are born again, and on and on, it goes. Life is school. It is a series of lessons, of exercises and tests, and the goal is to graduate. To learn all the lessons, of which there are so many, that it takes many lifetimes to graduate. I reckon I'm on, about, my 60th attempt, something like that, is my guess, I've been here thousands of years, it's a tough course.

Reincarnation is the process, karma is the result. The new born baby is someone who has lived before. We have all lived before. The new born is a new persona, for an old soul. It is a fresh set of circumstances, which will not be unalike previous circumstances, at times, where lessons must be repeated, until learned. Until that test is passed, and then it is passed forever.

A lot of people would agree with this basic explanation/philosophy of re-embodiment being the thing of life. Many people believe that they lived before. It's a popular belief and theory, and I think it makes the most sense.

So, if we believe everyone is someone who lived before, then how is population increasing so much, as to be doubling? It cannot be. It should be the same number of souls, including those ghosting around, not yet reborn. If the new born baby is new persona for a soul, that had a previous incarnation, then there must be a finite number of souls, either alive, like me now, or ghosting around, until nature takes her course.

This is why I say population of the world does not change. It has been the same for a long time. If population increases in one area of the world, it decreases elsewhere in the world. Each new baby, the manifestation of a soul already in existence, memory wiped, and once again into the world, to learn lessons, already agreed upon.

Was there just one couple in the beginning, like Adam and Eve, or did the woman come first, hence the name Eve, or were we all just planted here, and thus it began...whatever the case, we are in an enclosed environment and no one is leaving without learning their lessons. I seem to be forever repeating exams. I'm in a remedial class for the unruly, we tend to do our own thing, sometimes we take naps during the day.