I always seem to meet interesting people when I'm out. Sometimes men send me messages. I am always open for dialogue, but who is going to be impressed with someone who has to read the script from a mobile phone and can't look you in the eye. Amateur hour.

Also, my position of Head of World Philosophy, is just part-time, if you can call it that. It's just a few hours a week. I am the Head of the illumaniti. This is on record. We know it. And I am here for all the people of the world, that includes women. And you are guaranteed the spotlight if you come poking a stick. I make the news. I pack a punch. You only encourage me. You are looking for a headline.

The chicken came become the egg. Woman came before man. A woman gave birth to the first man. That's the way it started. The theory of evolution is a lie to hide truth from the masses about the creation. Woman was created first. No man required for the first baby.

Eve was not created from one of Adam's ribs. God did not make a mistake, and ponder, and have a rethink, and create Eve, a woman, for Adam, who was lonesome. The bible is a satanic work. And you can expect to find messages backwards in it. They give you this story but they tell you the truth if you have eyes to see. Eve is before, like New Year's Eve. They are telling you in the bible, that Eve came first. The woman, the mother, is the key to creation. Woman was created first.

And get to fuck with your evolution. Monkey business for the masses. The nearest they can find to a missing link is Big Foot. A man in a furry costume, tentatively jogging. Grainy old footage. Evolution is not a theory it's a straight up lie for the masses. They indoctrinate you from the earliest possible age. Before you ever start school.

Today, women are under attack in all sorts of ways. I try to point it out to the people. It's war on the female and you need to be smart, and clued into what is going on, to see it. Know that all media is deeply corrupted. 100%, you might be amazed, if you properly understood.

Religion is also, an age old tactic, for attacking women. Christianity and Islam, are fine examples. But see how they do it. Tell a woman to cover her face? are you mental? that's a person, a human being. God never wrote a book. And you are saying God made a mistake? That he should have created woman with something already to cover her face? It's bullshit.

See who can find one of my posts by name on Google. Good luck with that. That's how they do it. But I will never stop. People will find me. I'm a force of nature. And nature knows best. Nature is always good. Nature will win out in the end. All I can do is what is natural to me. It's out of my hands, in a way.

I respect a lot of people, millions, in fact, it's why I do what I do, so no disrespect to anyone, but they never saw anyone like me in a 1000 years. I know what I am talking about. And I am for every person. And if it was for only one person, I would do it. I am not afraid of anyone. Of nothing on earth. I answer to the Almighty Creator. No middle man.

More power to all the females out there, you are vital, and especially to the mothers. We love you.