If you cook for yourself, you likely use less than 10 cents, worth, a week, maybe a month, it's nothing to most people. It's a fraction of our budget but we want the lowest, cheapest, quality, we can get. Because we are trained to think of it as an after thought, something to sprinkle in, even from a sachet, like a topping for a meal. Top it off. But you could have a perfectly good meal in front of you, and ruin it by sprinkling chemicals over it.

People taste everything except salt. If you have a container of cheap salt, go and taste a little bit by itself, see what you think of it. You will know straight away that whatever it is, is not salt.

Tell me if I'm wrong. No one should use that stuff. If it's your only option, don't use it. It shouldn't be an option. It is that bad. Go without and learn a lesson. You will live longer. And have a think about buying real salt, next time you buy a pack of smokes, or a bottle of wine, whatever is your treat.

We were brought up on this crap, so you have no reference point, and it would never occur to you to look for a reference point because you thought salt was salt until you tried something which was more expensive, and then you knew. Toxic salt to control the masses.

It is packaged and aimed at poor people. That is the their justification for population control. Slowly poisoning and killing the masses, especially the ones who like fast food outlets stylized with clowns and characters for the children.

And you will love it. And be addicted to it. Because it's addictive shit. I know. And you have to have the coke. But wake up to the plan, to what these outlets are there for.

Takeaway outlets such as these, exist to control the masses. The effects are obvious, ill health. And of course the health system of every country is deliberately under-funded. That's on purpose by your government. These people are scum working for the elite, enjoying the limelight. Narcissist, all of them. Liars, disingenuous, insincere, telling you they joined politics because they wanted to be of public service. Absolute bullshit and people fall for it. straight up deceivers, every one of them. Talk to me you deceiving fuckers, I will put you in your box anytime, anywhere.

They sell you the lie that it is purely a matter of economics. That were it not for financial pressure and the drive for profit, product would not be toxic to the human being. Fucking liars killing the masses. and people don't think. I didn't think for a long time. Taste your so called salt. Chemicals.

If you are out of salt, honestly, I would say, that you are not thinking if you think that shit is not chemicals. Taste it. Disgusting. Toxic shit, sweetened washing powder. Go without. Wake up on this one. It's poison.