The first thing to understand about politicians, is that they are disingenuous. Lying, is what they are about. They mock the public. They are laughing at the people. Anybody who takes it seriously, who plays along with the drama, is lost in the drama. It's a show. They must be have wondered when they would get caught. How much they could they get away with. They know now.

The main photo, was donated by Donald Trump. For me, this is an interesting photo, because it is so clearly staged. So obviously staged. They are all staged, and selected, but this one, I can't believe there are people who take these characters seriously. Just look at them. Do you not know that they are laughing at you?

Tell me if you think it is a genuine photo. These people are laughing at you. You could only guess what they get up to. I heard Winston Churchill was naked in the white house. That's how it goes. And show me a Kennedy, wife, sister, mother, so called, that's not a man. Look again if you don't believe me. That's how they do it. Same as the British Royals. All men. We see you.

In politics, they are all rotten. They are all fuckers, Obama, Sanders, all of them. Every country is the same. Selected rotten apples, from whenever the position was first created, is what you get for a president. That's what the position is for. The star puppet. A man for the people. If you want a hero, you will be provided with one. People think JFK is a hero. I thought he was a hero. Now I am awake on all these deceivers.

TRUMP GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWNNo one should ever look past the obvious, Trump is orange. This is a joke on the masses. It is ridiculous that any man, would ever look so orange. No man would do this. A face, like an umpa lumpa. If it happened once you would think he was an idiot. But now, everyone looks at him and thinks, hmm someone should tell him he looks ridiculous. But of course no one does. Because it is all scripted. So you are left with the impression that he is someone who won't take advice from anyone. A wild man. No telling what he could do. He might start a war. The idea is that you fall for it. You think it's all down to trump. One character, in plain sight. It's not. Every president is a puppet. And they are all married to men. The reason he is orange is because orange is the color of freemasonry.

Orange is 33. Numerically. It's the only 33 color. It's a highly significant color. You are being told that freemasons run america. And if you are not smart enough to know it, they are laughing at you. Now we will laugh at you and your wall and you media liars, the public no longer trust. Take a look at the people walking to the border. They show footage of families, waking to the border pushing prams. Who in fuck's name would ever think it was as good idea to travel 2000 miles, using a pram, for a child? You would regret walking 2 miles in saddles.

People are zombies, the people who watch this rubbish and never think about it, never question it. It's manure. Who the fuck is going to walk 2000 miles just to get to a fence or a wall, and walk through an unguarded section, filmed by your trust worthy FOX, or ABC, whatever one. They staged the whole thing.

And now they are talking about a government shutdown? A stupid drama to get people caught up in. I will do the shutting down. So shut your pie hole. I'm shutting you down. I already know you have no balls and you never did have. You are female. You always were. You can never be a man. Get out of that house and take your tranny man with you.