The world's population is not doubling, it is not increasing, it does not change. The same number of people, exist, on earth today, as did, in the year, 1964. The same number of people, as in 1972, 1928, 1664,  and 1182. This is how the population, of the world, is, and has been, for a long time, for thousands of years. It is a stable thing.

There is nothing new under the sun. The soul is immortal. There are no new characters, under the sun, there are new personas. We lived before, and we will live again. Reincarnation, is the thing. For each lifetime, there is a new identity, different circumstances,  and maybe we choose the circumstances for the lives we live, before we are birthed.

A question arising from this, is, how long is, the life cycle, assuming that it is equal, for all people, which I do. I heard it was 100 years, i.e. that 100 years, give or take, a day, is more or less, as long, as any individual, could expect to live. And it might be sooner than you might think, because you must factor in a 40 week pregnancy. So then, a person couldn't be more than 99 years old. My calculation is 103 years, 3 months, 21 days, by way of an example.

Reincarnation is an interesting topic, but on the population figures, and their projections, of imagined, increases, it's a lie too often repeated. It's bullshit for the masses, to keep them in the dark, about what is going on. It is another method to dumb down the masses. To keep the individual unthinking.

They sell the idea that the world is bigger than it actually is, to confuse, and traumatise, the people. They want you to be worried about things like that, and they will use the lie to tax  you, and some of you will think it is fair enough, because you buy the lie. They sell it, you buy it, you own it, proudly. That's how propaganda works.

Georgia Guidestones, in America, might provide a clue as to the population. It looks to be written on them, that the population on earth should be 500 million. I guess, the population of the world, is 1.5 billion.